Avoiding the Temptation to Drink When You are the Designated Driver

When it’s your turn to be the designated driver, you may have a hard time resisting the temptation to drink with the rest of your group. Arm yourself with a few tips and tricks to help you stay sober and safe.

Tips and Tricks

Unless you do not drink at all, abstaining from alcohol when everyone around you is drinking can be challenging. Be sure to bring your willpower with you and resolve not to drink, no matter what.

It might help to sip something that looks or even tastes like your favorite alcoholic drink. Enjoy some seltzer and cranberry in lieu of a cosmopolitan, or have a non-alcoholic beer. Keeping a drink in your hand will help you feel more like you’re part of the party and will also prevent others from sending you a drink or giving you a hard time about not drinking.

Eat a big meal before you head out on the town. If your stomach is full, you will feel less inclined to have a filling beer. Feel free to order something to eat at the bar, but be sure to stay away from bar snacks, such as nuts and popcorn or nuts, that are salty and will make you thirsty. The more thirsty you are, the more likely you will crave a cold one.

Stay busy and away from the bar. If you remove yourself from the area where booze is being served, you won’t be tempted to order any. Stay busy on the dance floor, playing pool or darts or meeting new people. Staying occupied and away from temptation will strengthen your resolve to stay sober.

Bravo, Hero!

By agreeing to be the designated driver, you are selflessly taking on the responsibility of remaining sober and ensuring that your friends or family members get home safely. You are preventing potential injuries, DUIs, traffic accidents or even deaths by driving sober. You’re the hero of the evening. The gratification of doing the right thing and protecting the people you care about is worth more than risking it all for a cocktail, don’t you think?