Designated Driving Advantages

Being the designated driver is an important job. As the designated driver, you are responsible for making sure that everyone who is riding with you makes it home safely. You commit to staying sober while everyone else is drinking—this means no alcohol whatsoever. But being sober does not mean that you can’t have fun. There are definite advantages to being the designated driver.

Making Plans

A little advanced planning can make your time as a designated driver much more enjoyable. Be sure that the vehicle you will be driving has enough space for everyone in your party. And make sure that everyone chips in for gas money. $5 a person should be enough to help you fill up the tank and is a small price to pay compared to the cost of taking a cab or, worse, being arrested for a DUI.

While You’re Out…

Before heading to the main event of the evening, grab a bite to eat with your group. It will be good for those who will be drinking to have some food in their systems, and it will also provide a time for you to all enjoy some sober time together.

Once you arrive at the club, party or event, keep in mind that your role is not that of a babysitter. Make sure that you take the time to mingle, dance and have a non-alcoholic drink. Many bars and clubs offer complimentary beverages like tea, soda or coffee to designated drivers.  While you’re having fun, don’t forget to take funny and candid photos of the evening. Your sober vantage point of what your pals are up to will certainly make everyone laugh the next day.

When it’s time to leave, make sure that everyone is present and accounted for. If a person from your group decides to stay longer, be sure that the bar or club calls a cab for them. Enjoy the drive home, with everyone in great spirits.

The Best Part

The most rewarding part of being a designated driver is the knowledge that the people you care about got home safely and did not run the risk of being arrested for a DUI.