Designated Driver Tips and Best Practices

Having a designated driver who is able to get you safely home after drinking is one of the smartest things you can do to avoid the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol. While this solution is simple, you need to be sure to choose the right driver—someone who is safe, reliable and available.

Booking Your DD

Finding the right designated driver is key to making sure that you get home safely. Choose someone who is a safe driver, not someone who speeds or drives recklessly. Also be sure that this person has a current, valid license as well as current car insurance.

If you have a safe driver in mind, make sure that this person is also reliable. If this person will be joining you, will he or she be able to remain sober all evening? Or give in to the social pressures of drinking?  You need to choose someone you can count on to abstain from drinking and who will ensure that you get home safely.

Finally, it may seem obvious, but making sure that your designated driver is available when you’ll need him or her is very important. So be sure to plan ahead and ask in advance. Miss this step and you might be stranded without a ride at the end of your evening out.

Designated Drivers Save Lives

Having a designated driver can keep you from being involved in an alcohol-related traffic incident that could result in injury or death. Your designated driver will also keep you from risking being pulled over and arrested for a DUI. If you are unable to find a designated driver in advance of your night out, make plans to call a cab or do some research on designated driving services that might be available in your area. Even if there is a charge associated with these services, it will be a small price to pay compared with the risk of driving drunk.